Inspire :)

Today I want to be inspired. Here’s one of my favorite quotes…


inspire quote7 try and triumph

This reminds me of my energetic, hard working daughters. They’re athletic, and both played soccer and basketball. Talee started playing basketball in second grade. She had her first panic attack in third grade, but anxiety never stopped her. She stuck with the sport because she loved it. I was so proud of that. She persevered and fought through the years of panic attacks and sports-induced asthma. She ended up an all-star on her high school’s Varsity Girl’s Basketball team. (Yay Talee!)

Some days I have more umph than others. I love the quote from Nike, “Just Do It.” I try to live my life that way. But sometimes I procrastinate, or simply don’t feel like “just doing it.” I find if I can get myself motivated to start working on an overwhelming project (or one I simply don’t want to do), that’s half the battle. Once I get going, I feel so much better. It just takes that first small step.

Now, I need to get inspired to pay my bills. 🙂


Image courtesy of ApkXda.


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