Finding You

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Sabrina is one of my all-time favorite movies. Sabrina’s father is the chauffeur of a wealthy family. She and her dad live in a small house on the grounds of the family’s sprawling estate. The young, rich brothers never notice Sabrina. But she swoons over them.

Sabrina moves to Paris for a fashion internship. She’s gone for several months, and a transformation takes place. Her confidence sky-rockets, she’s more sophisticated and  attractive. She cuts her long, thick mane into a stylish wavy bob, buys a new wardrobe, and learns how to apply makeup with perfect precision.

Sabrina comes back to the estate looking gorgeous — so much so that she’s unrecognizable. She’s invited to an elegant outdoor party, hosted by the family. Sabrina is breathtaking in a sparkly dress and a beautiful red-stained smile. One of the brothers asks her to dance. The band plays, lights twinkle in the trees, and champagne flows.

Sabrina is in heaven being close to this man she’s secretly loved her entire childhood. While they’re slow dancing, he stares into her eyes and everything seems to stop. He tells her, “You dazzle me.”

Simple as that. We all want to be dazzling. I know I do.

Sure, Sabrina looks amazing. But it’s not just what’s on the surface. That sparkle comes from deep within her. It was always there. She had to find a way to reveal it.

Through a long series of mistakes and mishaps, Sabrina finally realizes what’s important in her life. She becomes the woman she wants to be.

Our struggles with mental health can crush the hope of being the person we want to be. It may seem impossible to find peace and confidence.

How can I be happy and sure of myself when I’m terrified and so anxious I can barely move?

I think inside everyone, is someone dazzling waiting to come out. It could be a long, frustrating journey.

But that person is there, waiting to be found.

  “Happiness and confidence

are the prettiest things you can wear.

-Taylor Swift






10 thoughts on “Finding You

  1. Sabrina is one of my all time favorite movies as well. I think from time to time we all need reminding there is someone inside of us ready to breakout and shine.

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  2. Hello and thanks for visiting my blog…Sabrina was a really good movie…many lessons to be leant from it…and the Eifel Tower…she is dazzling all on her own…one of my most favorite towers in the world….I look forward to reading your blog….have a good day…and your writing is dazzling…LOL kathy

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw, thank you Kathy! I agree about the Eiffel Tower. My husband and I visited it last year. We went up in the elevator just when the lights started to twinkle. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the comment and follow. I look forward to reading your posts! You have a good day too 🙂


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