Pass the Colored Pencils


I loved coloring books when I was a little girl. I was so excited every time I’d get a new box of crayons. My favorite colors were Aquamarine, Hot Magenta, Cornflower, and Goldenrod.

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about coloring as a new type of stress therapy. It seems like a fun activity to incorporate into treatment.

Art has therapeutic qualities. Many people find it relaxing to draw, paint, or sculpt clay. I’m creative, and love arts and crafts. I’m not a talented drawer. Stick figures are about it for me. But coloring in lines — that I could do.

There was an article in last week’s newspaper, dedicated to coloring for your health. Psychologist Alice Domar, Ph.D, says, “Coloring requires you to be in the moment. And that makes it meditative.” You can sit and be mindful of what you’re doing, instead of worrying about your anxiety. It can be soothing and a good distraction. Plus, at the end, you get a beautiful result.

I was wondering what kinds of coloring books adults buy. I pictured myself going into Toys R Us or Target and browsing the kid’s section. But there are coloring books for adults. Think of designs like paisleys, animals, botanicals, buildings, and decorative fans. I just did an Amazon search, and there are tons of gorgeous ones to choose from.

Time for a new box of crayons. And new Crayola colors: Macaroni and Cheese, Razzle Dazzle Rose, Cotton Candy, and Electric Lime.

Or, since I’m a grown up, maybe I should use colored pencils.


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25 thoughts on “Pass the Colored Pencils

  1. After my second stay in the psych ward last year, I decided to try some of the calming activities that the hospitals use to soothe us while we are there, at home. Coloring was the only one that really stuck. I have a couple books that I bought. But, I also found that there are tons of free coloring pages available online, in all difficulty ranges. It’s really wonderful therapy! Enjoy!

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  2. I got one as a gift from my mother along with some markers. She knows me so well. Still haven’t touched it because I’m so busy with the rest of my artwork lol. Maybe I should do a Secret Santa and send it out into the world.


  3. I love to color too! I recently bought a couple adult coloring books off amazon and they are amazing. I could color for hours….like I did as a little girl.
    Johanna Basford has two called Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest. Here is a link on Amazon for both:

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  4. Reblogged this on The Chronicles of a Chronically-Spectacular Spoonie and commented:
    While I’m at work on my next post, here’s a re-blog from the amazing and touching blog Peace from Panic. Recently, Jenny wrote about a fun activity that is surprisingly therapeutic and allows one to enjoy some relaxing moments from their childhood gone by: coloring! Her brief, but lovely prose about joining the droves of adults that are adopting coloring as a form of therapy/stress relief and her adventures in finding the perfect coloring book is a breath of fresh air.

    As an aside: I happily admit that I’ve taken up coloring again. On days where the pain levels are out of control and I need to find a way to channel the other feelings that physical pain dredges up, pulling out my latest favorite coloring book (a friend gave me Ruth Heller’s Designs for Coloring: Birds several weeks ago) and colored pencils allows me to unwind and do what I often try to do with this chronically crazy life o’ mine: create something beautiful out of what can be such an ugly situation.

    May everyone who reads this continue to have a great week! And, again, a new post is on it’s way soon; hopefully, I can set my perfectionist tendencies aside and click publish by week’s end… XO – Kim

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    • Thank you so much for the reblog! And wow! Your kind words are amazing. You made my day/night! I sincerely appreciate what you said. It’s so heartwarming to me when something I write resonates with someone else. So thank you again! šŸ™‚


      • That means so much to me, I can’t tell you! When I started blogging, an important thing to me was to have a positive impact on people. I never thought I’d get such a lovely compliment as yours! Enjoy the weekend šŸ™‚

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  5. Hi,
    You make excellent points. I relieve my stress through the creative use of graphic design since I’m the yearbook teacher and using Canva to make my blog graphics.
    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I am glad you liked my post about connecting Twitter and blogging. Nice to meet you.

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    • Hi Janice, thanks for the comment. I really enjoyed reading your post today. I’m pretty new to blogging, so I need all the suggestions I can get! I keep seeing that people are on twitter. I have my blog and a Facebook page, but have been hesitant to do twitter. So much social media to keep up with! But I want to increase followers and I’m interested in the twitter world. So I’m going to give it a try! Thanks for the info. I’m going to follow you šŸ™‚

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  6. Hi Jenny,
    Thank you for following my blog. Your article gave me food for thought. Initially I thought it was coloring for children, and I was going to share that I am a teacher. It was the opposite.
    If your other posts are as surprising as this, unpredictable, you will do great.
    As far as Twitter, my article laid it out pretty throughly I thought, so try following the advice there.
    Thank you for the follow. It was a pleasure meeting you today.

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