Life is a Balancing Act

Autumn in Boston Public GardenThere are times in my life when everything seems relatively stable. I’m  organized and content. Life is good. Peaceful. It feels as if I have everything together. There’s time to exercise, garden, bake, complete all my paperwork (never ending!), and do what I really love to do —  write.

Then there are times  when I’m frazzled. Like now. I have to give more attention to issues with our businesses, our daughters, our home. Life gets in the way. It can’t always be simple. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just different. I have to be flexible. But I struggle with that.

My husband, two daughters, and I are leaving soon to go out of the country for a family wedding. I know, it sounds wonderful, and it is! But I can’t believe the amount of anxiety I’ve had. I love to travel, but have to admit it’s unsettling to me. Especially going out of the country. We’ll be thousands of miles from home. I can literally feel my blood pressure rise as I think about unforeseen problems. Will our plane be delayed? Will we like the food? Will any of us get sick? I hope and pray we stay safe, healthy, and happy.

And what if something bad happens here at home? To my parents? Our dog? Our family? Our businesses?

I can drive myself crazy with worry. My husband and I have prepared for any imaginable issue. We’ve done everything possible to ensure a smooth vacation. Logically I know all this stress is for nothing. It happens to me every time  we plan a trip. Then we have a great time away, and everything is fine at home. I get mad at myself for getting so worked up. All that wasted, negative energy.

For the past month, as we’ve been getting ready for our trip, it seemed as if every time I sat at the computer to write a blog post or read blogs I follow, something else took precedence. Frustrating. But necessary.

This got me thinking. Life ebbs and flows. The seasons change, literally. But so do the seasons of our lives. Some months or years are calm, while others are filled with chaos. These hectic times can be good or bad. When caring for my young daughters, I was so busy I could hardly think straight. But it was the most wonderful, loving, fun, and fulfilling part of my life.

Nothing lasts forever. I often think of the phrase, “This too shall pass.” I used to think it referred to times of extreme worry, sadness, and pain. But it also applies to the beautiful and perfect days.

So right now, I’m busier than usual. And that’s okay. I take deep breaths and try to relax. Most important, I’m going to enjoy this special time with my family. We’re going on an amazing adventure together, and I can’t wait.

I’ll be sad when our trip is over. We’ll have thousands of pictures and memories. I will enjoy every single, precious moment. Because this too shall pass.


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17 thoughts on “Life is a Balancing Act

  1. I know how you feel; I love those simple days too. I am having one today and it feels so good. I get stressed traveling too, especially with my daughter. Try to just focus on one thing at a time; it sounds like you are prepared and that’s all you can do. You have done your best, now leave God to take care of the rest. Safe travels and be mindful of each moment. Peace and love.

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  2. Oh my…don’t sweat the small stuff you have no control over…if the plane is late..its late…nothing you can so about that….just smile and know that you will get there….eat it don’t eat it…there will be something there that you like…no worries….of course pray for a safe trip but no worrying…give it to God (or whoever you pray to) and leave it at that…stressing on it won’t help anyone especially you!!! Deep breaths and take a moment to breath and just let it go….look for the happiness in all situations…stress is just bad energy….don’t always think the worst….expect the best…and when it doesn’t happen just breath and know this to will pass….the sun will always set and rise no matter whats going on….enjoy your trip sounds like a great time to make family memories….remember…breath in….breath out….of course this is just all my opinion….kathy

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    • Thanks so much for that Kathy! You are absolutely right, and I’m going to follow your advice! I’m a pretty laid back person, and am flexible, especially if something doesn’t go as planned. So that’s a good quality to have for traveling, I think! Today while I was rushing around doing last minute errands, I felt so nervous. I reminded myself to do just what you said…breathe in deep… it will all get done, and it’ll be fine. And yes, I do give it to God, and know that everything will be okay. Now I’m really excited, and so is the rest of my family. Thanks for your very kind words, I appreciate that!


  3. “I love to travel, but have to admit it’s unsettling to me.” This is so true for me. Once my boss ordered me to take a vacation because I hadn’t taken one in the first two years I was there. Why take a vacation if all one is going to do is worry about what crises could be happening back at work, without me there to put out the fires. Even a day ago when my significant other and my son left to travel to an event for five days, I was filled with anxiety. So much could go wrong for them. Just have to let it be for all things are transitory. Easier said than done.

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