Just Be

It’s mid January, and I’m just now starting to feel under control from the hectic holiday season. It was wonderful, and filled with family, food, and fun. And stress. And anxiety.

I took a blogging and social media break in mid December. Talee came home from college early that month, and Mackenzie, who lives in an apartment in the city,  visited as often as her work schedule would allow. I happily focused all my time and energy on the family.

It was a beautiful Christmas. It left me exhilarated but exhausted.

In the preceding weeks, I’d grown used to rushing around, moving quickly through my errands and long to-do lists. There were gifts to buy and wrap, decorations to display, parties to host and attend, and cards to mail out. Plus the usual business and home responsibilities.

For me, the day after Christmas is often a let down. But also a relief.

Both Mackenzie and Talee had to work on December 26. It felt strange to have a quiet household. But it also gave me time to regroup. My husband and I decided to get some much needed exercise, so we took our dog for a walk in the mountains.

It was really…peaceful. It actually took me awhile to adjust. It was just us and nature. Quiet. Almost too quiet.

When we started, I was wound up and felt anxious. My husband and I didn’t say much.  We both wanted to simply walk and unwind. We didn’t need words to do that. Conversation would’ve interrupted our chance to relax.

At first I had to remind myself to take deep breaths and exhale slowly. We climbed the first hill, which is the steepest. When we reached the top and recovered, I finally began to breathe slower. I felt my body relax, my muscles loosen.

The soft wind blew on my face. The sun warmed my back. I noticed the wildflowers and heard the birds sing. The sound of our footsteps on the dirt and rocks comforted me.

I looked around and took in the nature that surrounded me. When I’d been stressed about the holidays, this never changed. The mountains, wild grasses, flowers, and animals were here in their peaceful homes the entire time that I was rushing around like crazy. I know it sounds strange, but I felt almost jealous.

I thought, Take this in. Breathe this in. Be mindful. Be a part of this. Just be quiet and relax. Just be.

A lightbulb went off. Yes! That’s what I need to do. It’s really very simple.

Just be.

I’m going to remember this for the rest of the year, not only during the holidays. I’m going to be more mindful. I don’t want life to rush past me without noticing the beauty of it all.

I will take deep breaths and repeat my new mantra.

Just be.




39 thoughts on “Just Be

  1. Great advice! Jenny you helped me realize something. After the holidays and my daughter went to her father, I heard a loud silence in my home for days. Now I know why! Thanks!😘

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  3. These words are very centered and grounding! Increased mindfulness and being present with stillness and silence is also one of my goals for 2016 (and beyond). Reminding myself to “just be” will help.

    I really loved your description of your walk, both the natural world around you and what you noticed in your body. I’m trying to pay more attention with all of my senses, and reading the perspectives of others who practice this is always inspirational and motivational. Thank you for sharing!

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    • Thanks so much Lulu! What kind words, I truly appreciate that. I’m really glad you can relate and connected with this post. Since I experienced that, I often think of those words, Just Be. And it does calm me down. Great to hear from you! Hope you have a wonderful week 🙂

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  4. Hi,
    I know KoolAid Moms, Robert Goldstein, and others here.
    In response to your post, people have asked me if breaks are good or detrimental to your blog traffic. I took a month-long break in July, and my readers were there when I returned. Everyone needs some R and R.
    Congratulations on being Danny Ray’s featured blogger. I was his featured blogger too!
    Maybe you can visit my site if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I blog about.

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    • Hi Janice, thanks for the comment. I agree with you on taking a break once in awhile. It was healthy for me to do so, and I came back rejuvenated and ready to write posts and really couldn’t wait to read other blogs and get back into it. I follow you, and I’ve been wanting to seek out your posts. I do need some blogging tips! I’m still getting caught up (don’t think I ever will be). But I want to make it a priority to practice some blogging tips. So thank you in advance! I actually didn’t know I was Danny Ray’s featured blogger! Do you have the link? Thank you Janice, I appreciate what you do for the blogging world! 🙂

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  5. So sorry to have missed this. I often work at redirecting my “monkey brain.” Sometimes, when I find myself scattered, I remind myself, “right here, right now, what am I doing? What am I feeling? What am I thinking?” I pause, and I remind myself to be wherever I am, and be fully in the moment. It helps!

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