Always Stay Humble and Kind

humble and kind2Yesterday I heard a beautiful song by Tim McGraw, called “Humble and Kind.” The lyrics are simple and heartfelt. The song reminded me of something, but I couldn’t pinpoint what it was.

Thirty seconds later, I remembered. I knew what it related to. And it was something I was very proud of.

A few days ago, Talee called me. She’s away at college, and I’m grateful she calls me often. This time was extra special.

“Mom, something really good happened today and I want to tell you!”

Talee went on to explain that she got to class early, and went into the bathroom. She was washing her hands and saw a girl she doesn’t know, but knows she’s in the same class. They said hi to each other.

The girl said to Talee, “That was so nice of you to say hi to the janitor.”

“Mom, I couldn’t believe what she said. I’ve never talked to her before. I was so surprised, and it made me feel so good! But I always say hi to the janitors. Always.”

“Talee, not everyone takes the time, even just to say hi. People are always in a rush and worrying about themselves. They’re in their own world. They don’t even think to talk to the janitor, the gardener, or the teacher passing by.”

A big smile spread on my face. “People want to be acknowledged. And it’s great that you do that. It’s appreciated more than you know.”

I told Talee she probably made an impact on her classmate, and now that girl might greet the next janitor she sees on campus.

“Or maybe she already does, and that’s why she noticed,” Talee said.

As a mother, I’m so proud of Talee’s small (yet big) gesture. Since my girls were very young, I’ve tried to be an example of living a life showing kindness and compassion. Sometimes it’s the little things that are the most important.

Stay humble. Stay kind.





33 thoughts on “Always Stay Humble and Kind

  1. What an amazing story! It lifts my spirits! You are doing a wonderful job mothering your daughters. And just think, by posting the story to your blog, Talee’s act of kindness is growing by orders of magnitude. Maybe we will all be more likely to smile at the janitor, or the barista, or the checkout clerk.

    Thanks for introducing me to a new song I never heard before, too. It’s always good to be reminded to stay humble and stay kind. Have a great night and a peaceful weekend! ❤️

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  2. Obviously, you’ve been a great role model for your daughter. I can’t imagine not greeting another person, regardless of the job they currently hold. We’re each human beings on a life journey of self-discovery. Being kind to each other is important as a first step in understanding ourselves.

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    • Thank you Jerry, and I completely agree. I think, and hope, that most feel the same. That’s why it was so interesting to my daughter that someone would notice her small act of kindness, something she does all the time. But since this girl noticed it, and commented to Talee about how nice it was, it demonstrates the point that it doesn’t happen all the time. But it should 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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  3. I can relate. My daughters are only 7 and 1 but I make it a point to be kind to other people. Not just tell my girls to but actually show them what it’s like. I smile at 9 out of 10 people that I walk by, I make a point to say hi or make a comment when I’m in line, I help people when they drop things. I’m not saying this to toot my horn, I’m saying this because as I mom I want my girls to see what it is like to be a person not a robot with eyes and attention glued to a screen. My 7 year old waves and says hi to everyone she sees and her little sister does the same thing. I’m sure when people see us they think, here comes that crazy lady and her girls that are always smiling and saying hi to everyone. But, like I tell my girls, smile and smile often, you never know if you are the only smile someone will receive today, plus people can’t help but smile back even if it is a tight uncomfortable smile, might be the only smile they give today 😉

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    • Niki, I love what you wrote! Because I do all that too, and can totally relate. And that’s how I think too, that I want to at least give someone a smile, maybe just to brighten their day a little tiny bit. Doing kind things like that sometimes mean more than we ever know. And like you, I always wanted to show my girls that, be an example of that. I can tell from what you write that your example to your daughters is shining through, as they follow what you do. My girls do too (although they’re now both in their 20s). They were both shy when they were little, and unsure if they should say something to someone. But now they smile and greet people, just like I do. Anyways, thank for the nice comment, it’s great to connect with you and relate to you! Jenny

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