I’m on The Mighty!

Woo Hoo! I’m so excited! One of my posts was published today on The Mighty!

My daughter Talee, who had panic attacks and other challenges, used to often ask me why she got all the bad stuff and her sister didn’t get anything. Difficult for a mom to answer.

Please have a look! Here’s the link for my story, “When My Daughter Asked Why She Got the ‘Bad Stuff'”




48 thoughts on “I’m on The Mighty!

  1. As a parent you definitely hurt when they hurt and want to take their pain away or even bare it for them. She is who she is in post because of her difficulties. Like I tell my daughter (who you know is only 7), you can’t have darkness without light, or appreciate laughter without pain. It sounds like she has had a great life teacher and supporter to help her through. 🙂

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  2. I ran across this that Opinionated Man reblogged and though you might be interested. I thought of you because you mentioned that you knew first hand how your daughter felt and I can’t help but think how it must have felt to have someone that understands where you’re coming from be there to support you. Like I said not sure if this is something you’d be interested but I at least wanted to be sure you saw it.

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  3. I enjoyed your article and got a little teary when you said you can still see your daughter as that little girl. I hate that some people have so many challenges. It simply does not seem fair, but with the right mindset a person can use those challenges to become stronger than most. Great article!!

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  4. I loved your article. I’m 43 and still sometimes ask myself the same question! I wondered if your daughter has joint hypermobility syndrome or Ehlers Danlos syndrome? The torn ACL, plus anxiety, asthma etc… just made me wonder. Here’s a link just in case it’s useful http://www.dynakids.org/Documents/hypermobility.pdf. It’s very under-diagnosed and misunderstood by a lot of doctors so I try to spread the word., I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 38!

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    • Hi Katherine, thanks so much for your nice words and comment. I just took a look at the link, and I haven’t heard of that before. I’ve heard of hypermobility, but didn’t know the extent of issues it could cause. No, it doesn’t sound like my daughter has that. She tore her ACL playing high school basketball. And her other issues are separate. But thank you for bringing my attention to it, I appreciate that. I hope you’re doing well, dealing with your symptoms. And it’s good you were finally diagnosed, so that you could get the proper treatment. Take care, Jenny


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