I don’t really like to be surprised. I’ve always secretly hoped that no one ever throws me a surprise party. I don’t know why. I love having fun and going to parties. I guess I don’t want all the attention focused on me.

But this past weekend I was totally and completely surprised, and it was wonderful!

Here’s what happened. My husband and I talked about how we’d spend the long President’s Day weekend and Valentine’s Day with low-key plans. I was looking forward to getting some things done I’d been putting off. Like starting our taxes, paying bills, and working in the yard. I knew I’d be making chocolate chip cookies for Valentine’s Day (my husband’s favorite!)

On Friday my husband and I were out checking on our businesses, and decided to get a Filet-o-Fish sandwich (we don’t normally eat at McDonald’s, but it’s Lent… we don’t eat meat on Fridays, so why not?).

We walked up to the front of the restaurant and I noticed a girl sitting on a bench. She looked a lot like our youngest daughter, Talee, who is away at college. Wait…

These are the thoughts that raced through my mind in the first five seconds:

  • Those are really cute tennis shoes, Talee would love those. She’s been looking for that kind.
  • Gosh, that girl is really cute, she looks just like Talee.
  • She’s wearing a t-shirt with Talee’s sorority logo on it.
  • I should turn around and tell my husband how much that girl looks like Talee.

I stared at her. She stared back. Is that Talee? How could it be? I just talked to her this morning and she told me her weekend plans. And it didn’t include coming home!

Just then she giggled, and said, “MOM!” I laughed and hugged her so tight. I squeezed her and kissed her soft cheek. Then I hugged her again. And again.

My husband and Talee told me I had the funniest expression. It wasn’t a surprised look. They said I looked absolutely stunned. I couldn’t comprehend the fact that it really WAS Talee.

So, they got me.

One of the first things I said was, “Is Mackenzie coming home this weekend too? I don’t want to be surprised again!” The answer was yes.

We had the most wonderful, four-day, Valentine’s weekend. My beautiful daughters were home, and I was a very happy momma.

Needless to say, I didn’t get any of my work done. That could wait. I spent every minute loving my girls, catching up, and just being together.

I still don’t like to be caught off guard. But I wouldn’t have changed last weekend’s surprise for anything.

Sometimes life’s greatest joys come when you aren’t expecting them at all.


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43 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. Jenny, how absolutely wonderful! I am so glad you had such an incredible weekend. Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to celebrate all the love in our lives, not just significant others. Your description of your reaction to seeing Talee outside McDonalds is priceless! Hope this weekend is also lovely and relaxing. ~ Lulu

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  2. what a sweet husband and daughters to pull that off. i have pulled off two surprise birthday parties for my wife and i left her in tears of joy. the first time she came home to a houseful of friends. the second we were having a quiet night with friends when at 7:00, the was a rap at the door. in streams about 50 friends. it was an anti-reception line as she greeted and hug each of her friends. btw, we have smallish house and one of my friends even expressed concern on the structural integrity of the house with so many people.

    i hope this opens you up and makes you more willing to surprises. they can be wonderful and joyous things.

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    • Thank you for sharing your wonderful surprises for your wife. Those sound perfect, and you are amazing to arrange that. I love how you describe the second one, with friends streaming in. And you’re right… this does open me up, to not be worried about surprises. They can be truly wonderful, as mine was last weekend. You have such a good point, thanks for sharing that with me! Jenny


  3. Hi,

    What a great post and what an awesome surprise! I would be overjoyed as well to have both my girls surprise me in such a way. The perfect memories too. Normally, I too, do horribly with being caught off guard. But this would certainly be the exception. Glad you enjoyed your time. 🙂

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