Playing in the Sand



A few weeks ago my family and I had an amazing vacation in Hawaii. We spent much of our time strolling along the white sand beaches of Maui. The water near the shore is crystal clear. Shades of aquamarine, turquoise, and deep blue spread out into the ocean. It’s pure bliss to jump into the warm sea and bob in the soft waves. Total relaxation.

Mackenzie, Talee, and I took a walk one morning. We wrote in the sand, making pictures of happy faces and hearts. I wanted to write “Peace from Panic.” So I did. The waves kept coming too close, washing it away. And honestly, I wasn’t doing a great job.

That’s when Talee took over.

The above picture is Talee putting the finishing touches on. I posted this photo with her permission.

By the time we (she) finished, we were super hot and sweaty. It was unseasonably warm that day, with no trade winds. So, what to do?

Jump in the ocean to cool off!

Here’s Talee’s finished product:

P1050098 - Copy




23 thoughts on “Playing in the Sand

  1. So glad you had a beautiful and restful vacation! The “simple” act of getting on a plane and flying across the ocean is a challenge that I have been avoiding since I have entered recovery. To me, it seems like a huge success to be able to relax and enjoy yourself on a vacation!

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    • Thank you! It was a very relaxing vacation, filled with quality family time. When flying there, I try not to think about the fact that we’re above the ocean for hours. I keep busy reading or watching a movie. I know flying can be an extreme challenge for many people. Fortunately, I haven’t had a major panic attack while flying. πŸ™‚

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      • It’s not the flying that bothers me. I actually love to fly and do it all the time when I go visit family and friends. But going to far away places for the purpose of vacation and removing myself so much from my routine and my comfort zone is what really gets to me. Too many variables! Especially when it comes to food.

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      • I get it. Sometimes being far away, in another time zone, can be disorienting to me. It can be hard to adjust to getting away from my regular routine, food, etc. But luckily I do pretty well with that πŸ™‚

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    • Yes, you will!! I’m so thankful that I rarely have panic attacks anymore. And if I feel one coming on, I can control it. Now I’m able to go to all the places I used to fear (driving, the grocery store, the mall). There is definitely hope! Thank you for visiting my blog and for the follow. It’s great to connect with you. Take care!


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