Love on the Beach


It was pure magic.

About a month ago, my husband, two daughters, and I arrived on the beautiful island of Maui. After settling into our condo, we explored the resort and headed toward the beach. It was close to sunset, and we wanted to watch the sun slip behind the ocean. The short boardwalk led us directly to the sand.

We stopped close to the shore where the waves were lapping. It was a bit cloudy, which made for a gorgeous sunset. There weren’t many people there. It was so peaceful.

I focused on the tranquil ocean and breathed in the warm, tropical air. I was lost in my thoughts. That’s when my I felt my husband nudge me.

“Jen, look.” Alex pointed to the shorebreak. He got Mackenzie and Talee’s attention too. We stared at what was unfolding in front of us.

There was a woman with her feet in the water. A man stood next to her. Five to ten people, who seemed to know each other, were nearby. One lady was taking pictures of the couple and the sunset.

I was clueless to what was about to happen.

All of a sudden, the man went down on one knee, in the water. He looked up at the woman, took her hand, and spoke to her.

Oh my gosh, he’s proposing! Right here, right in front of us!

We watched as he opened a small box, took out a ring, and slipped it on her finger. Her hands were shaking. She wiped away tears and stared at her hand. They hugged. And hugged again. Her squeals of excitement were heartwarming.

The newly engaged couple turned and saw their loved ones, who had witnessed the momentous event. Hugs, kisses, and congratulations were passed all around. The bystanders, including us, clapped and cheered.

I’ll never forget how the man beamed when he announced, “She said YES!”

It was beautiful. We felt honored to be a part of their engagement. Strangers, yet bonded by this special occasion. A moment in time they’ll cherish forever. They don’t know it, but we will too.

We wish them the happiest life together.





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