Kindness at the Laundromat


I smiled when I walked into the local laundromat this morning. It wasn’t just because I was happy to be washing our large comforters and bedding.

Many of the washers and dryers were adorned with sticky notes. Positive, loving, encouraging reminders. A random act of kindness that brightened my day and warmed my heart. Just what I needed.

Small gestures of kindness mean so much!

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61 thoughts on “Kindness at the Laundromat

  1. this is wonderful…..I sometimes pay for peoples coffee or food, but don’t let them know it was me….really nice to see a face light up at the thought someone was nice to them….for absolutely no reason…but in the truth the real reason is it makes me feel better….kindness makes the world go around….kat

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    • Kindness does make the world go ’round! That’s so great that you do that, makes you feel good, and the other person too. It’s a perfect situation. I love random acts of kindness… the person who did it isn’t expecting anything in return. Pure giving! Thanks Kat! xx

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      • Yes it makes my heart sing…and kindness is so much easier to be than angry and nasty…I was in Paris, in a store where I spoke very little French and they didn’t speak English, however with a smile and kindness I was able to get exactly what I went in for….nothing like a handshake and a smile at the end of an encounter with someone who you can not communicate verbally with…xxxx

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      • That’s a wonderful example of how kindness works. I love your story, thanks for sharing. Kindness can be so simple, and doesn’t need to cost anything. And kindness is universal! Have a great day Kat! xx


  2. I love,LOVE this so much!!!…
    How kool and so thoughtful of someone doing such kinds acts especially with all the hate in this world we live in…Sometimes it is the lil things that touch ones heart..well usually it always does lol..You never know what the other person is going thru in life so things like this goes a long ways for sure…I hope to see more people doing this…
    It reminds me of myself in a way I leave little notes to my dad every since I was a lil gurl and still doing it lol…I also do them for my bf …they both have every note that I have written them…even dad has them from when I was lil gurl till now…we always put the date on it so we can look back on them…to say the least he has a dresser full of notes and cards lol
    Hope that this Monday was a good one for you…

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    • Hi Suzette, thanks so much for your kind, fun comment! So true, it’s the little things that can make someone really happy. I love that you’ve always left notes for your dad, that’s sweet. I’m sure he treasures each one of them! I like the idea to date the notes. I always date birthday cards so I can remember when they were given to me. Yes, Monday was a good day for me. Very busy, but wonderful, spending it with my youngest daughter home from college for Thanksgiving. Take care! Jenny xx

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