A Special Message

A few nights ago I received a wonderful, unexpected text. It was my niece’s husband, Mark (not his real name). He won’t be with our family this Christmas. He’s in the military, serving six months in the Middle East.

My husband and I sent him a care package a few weeks ago, hoping it would reach him in time for the holidays.

Mark texted me to say it arrived, and he was so thankful. The box was filled with holiday cookies, candy, our Christmas card, and a letter. I hoped he’d like it. I wasn’t sure what treats he’d want. But I knew that wasn’t the important part. I wanted him to know we think of him often and pray for his safety. I told him we’re grateful to him and his fellow officers for serving our country.

We texted back and forth for awhile, and I was thinking how great it is that we can communicate so easily — me in the United States, and Mark, thousands of miles away, in a foreign land.

I told him I was making beef stroganoff for dinner, and he said that was one of his favorite meals. Comfort food. My daughters wondered if that made him sad. I don’t think so. He wants to hear about our normal lives, about the familiar. He’s doing his job abroad, which I’m sure is very unpleasant at times. But it must help to know that when he gets home, he’ll be reacquainted with the people, places, and things he loves and misses so desperately.

God bless our troops at the holidays, and always.

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36 thoughts on “A Special Message

  1. How sweet. It made me cry to read this. 2 cousins and a brother of mine are all in the military and won’t be home for Christmas this year. It made me think of our unexpected Christmas visitor about 8 or 9 years ago. My cousin was in boot camp in Texas that year. He was given 3 days “off” for Christmas. He and 3 buddies piled into his Mustang and hauled butt to get home to spend 12 hours with us and then they had to hurry back to base.

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  2. This one was a sweet, emotional, strong and special post. Brave are not the only ones who are there, out in foreign lands and at the borders, but also their families.
    Love, peace and A Happy New Year to your family, Jenny! 🙂

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    • First of all, thank you for your service to our country. And thank you for your comment and kind words. I can only imagine being so very far away, in challenging circumstances, and missing home. He’ll be overseas until May, so I plan on sending another package. We’re also able to keep in contact by texting, which is great. Take care, Jenny

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  3. Yes, so thankful for all the men and women that sacrifice their lives daily, to keep the rest of us safe. They are always in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you had a great Christmas! Peace out! 🙂

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