Millennial Motivation

Yesterday a friend and I went for our weekly walk, and got on the conversation of mental health. It turned to the subject of Millennials and mental health.

I told her about my volunteer work with NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). I’m a presenter for their in-school program, Ending the Silence, which raises awareness about mental illness to middle and high school students.

My friend shared how her son (I’ll call him Garrett), a junior in college, suffers from anxiety and depression. He’s received treatment and is doing well. Garrett and his mom had been talking about technology, and how social media is a constant presence and a huge pressure in the lives of young adults.

Garrett was in a class last semester, in which the professor was adamant about having the students put their cell phones away.ย  They asked him why.

The professor said the best way to describe why they shouldn’t have their phones on in class is by showing them a video.

Garrett said it was one of the most powerful videos he’s seen.

It’s by motivational speaker Simon Sinek. He discusses four areas that explain some of the thoughts and actions of Millennials: Parenting, Technology, Impatience, and Environment.

Simon explains how important it is to put the phones and tech devices away. If our heads are buried in our phones, we’re going to miss the little things. The small conversations that help form relationships and friendships.

Engage with people, not phones.

Can we please

One of my favorite parts of the video is when Simon brings up the art of learning patience. It’s easy to be impatient in a world where everything is instantaneous, we get used to instant gratification. It’s all right there, at the click of a button. From buying items on Amazon, to streaming a movie or binge-watching on Netflix, or even finding a date with an app.

BUT… there are things in life that take time, and a ton of nurturing. Things that aren’t going to happen in a month, or even a year.

They require patience.

  • deep relationships
  • strong friendships
  • love
  • self-confidence
  • self-fulfillment
  • success
  • trust
  • mastering skill sets
  • experiencing joy in life

Before today, I hadn’t seen any of Simon’s videos or TED Talks. Now I’m a fan. Garrett was right. This is one powerful video that shouldn’t be missed.

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78 thoughts on “Millennial Motivation

  1. I liked this post. It is so relevant. The younger generations have their heads buried in their phones constantly. It’s seen everywhere I go. On top of that, this younger generation want things to happen so quickly…everything is now, now, now. It is so much different from how I grew up. There were no cellphones and everything was at a much slower pace.

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    • Iโ€™m with you on that, life was a slower pace. Instant gratification is everywhere… at no fault of the younger generation. The internet and social media are great tools but itโ€™s sad how much pressure and stress comes with it. Thanks for reading and your comment!

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  2. I’ve just finished listening to Simon talk and what he said was so true. It’s such a different time growing up now to when we were growing up. Instant gratification definitely has it’s down sides but as Simon said its all about balance. Excellent post Jenny. Thank you. xo

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  3. I totally agree. We don’t see the people right in front of us. I get tired of it right in my own home. my husband and kids are all sitting around the living room and looking down and their hand held device and not at all paying attention to each other. I really want to throw them all as far as I can throw them sometimes.

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    • I can understand that! It bothers me when I see people out to dinner, especially parents and kids, and they’re on their phones. I want to say, look at each other and talk to each other! Thanks for visiting here, and your comment!

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  4. This is so true and I think even us older people have become more impatient and wanting things done right away. We used to send letters, had to think long and hard about what we were writing, wait for it to arrive and then wait for a response. Patience. haha

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    • Oh, I totally agree! When I write things about millennials regarding phones/technology, I realize they also apply to me. We’ve all gotten used to things happening right away. Sometimes I get impatient with my computer turning on, and really, it’s just seconds. You’re so right about writing letters. One friend of mine moved out of state, and we’d always said how nice it was to get handwritten notes, cards, etc. I make a point on her birthday to send her a physical birthday card, not just a text ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. Reblogged this on dawn running strong and commented:
    This was such a well-done post by blogger JennyMarie4 that I had to share. Reading this blog was timely for me as (although I’m a Gen. X’er) I have elementary aged children. I worry about these exact same points….the addiction to immediate gratifiation and the ‘if i want it i can get it’ mentality, as well as the decreased social bonding….like actual face to face social bonding.

    I see an obsession in both my sons. I’m not sure the answer is to ban tech….but to set limits. The struggle we have as parents is the battle and arguments that ensue when we enforce these limits. Its the waking up extra early to use the iPad vs getting the appropriate amount of sleep for growing bodies and minds. We’ve put our boys on a “technology fast” before and completely banned it for a time period. When they get the devices back , the obsession starts again. It really does seem like an addiction for their brains.

    GASP** I grew up without netflix, instagram and even WITHOUT internet. Believe me I love my access to these things now….but growing up I didn’t have the same struggles and fears re: social media as as parents do now.

    I suppose its a learning experience for us all….hope we figure it out before its too late for our little people.


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    • Such wonderful insight, from your point of view, raising your young children in this age of technology and the all-consuming Internet. Itโ€™s not only affecting millennials, itโ€™s also the generation after. Thanks so much for sharing and also for the reblog! Take care, Jenny

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  6. I made a comment at a gathering I had at my house regarding my sisterโ€™s-in-law attention to her phone. Sheโ€™s 8 years younger than I, a slight generation gap. I didnโ€™t get a cell phone until I was a senior on high school and only because I was driving. Back then, we had texting, but it wasnโ€™t unlimited (and my parents didnโ€™t want to pay extra for it). But there is a generation below me that started texting when they were 13. Meanwhile, I wrote my friends lengthy notes on real paper. I joked that during my next party I would confiscate all phones at the door in an effort to encourage my guests to stay present with right now. Iโ€™m still waiting for a party big enough to do that.

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    • I love that idea! Thatโ€™s right, I remember when texting wasnโ€™t unlimited and we had to be super careful. My daughters really didnโ€™t like that! We laugh about it now. Itโ€™s funny, when Iโ€™m out with my daughters, 22 and 25, the 22yr old gets mad at the 25 yr old for being on her phone. She says โ€œitโ€™s family time!โ€ Anyway, I hope youโ€™ll get a chance to have that big party, no phones allowed!๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. Very nicely written. Very strong points about the Mental illness and what can be done to prevent it. I absolutely agree with the fact that the most we are surrounded by the devices, all the time, the more disconnected we are in this connected world.Everybody lives on their own island of social media.
    I write something along these lines a while back. Take a look, if you have time.

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  9. I can relate to mental anxiety issues every three months I go and seek the psychiatric help I need been doing this for almost 7 years Lord willing on February 2018 I love hearing any positive issue about mental health Please keep on posting about mental health I could use your therapeutic inspirational techniques
    Blessed wishes,

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    • Hi Bricasso, thank you for visiting here, and for your nice comment. Sorry to hear you’re dealing with anxiety. It’s good that you’ve reached out for medical help. I often post about mental health, I’m glad if what I write inspires you. Take care! Jenny


  10. I sometimes think that the ease of social media and technology is what has created the millennial anxiety and depression. I know that I have definitely felt it and strive to stay off social media for fear of comparing myself to others and becoming depressed. I really think this is a huge topic that not everyone is aware of. I think it’s more prominent in the millennials and younger because social media equals life for most of us. We grew up on it, we’re addicted to it and therefore it runs us. Thank you for this inspiring post! I wish more people understood this!

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    • Thank you so much, and I really appreciate your insight! Itโ€™s hard because millennials have grown up with social media, itโ€™s part of life, ingrained at an early age. I agree with you, I think social media plays a huge part in anxiety and depression among this age group. No other generation ever had to deal with it and the long term effects. Thanks again for your comment! Take care ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒธ


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