On My Mind: Demi Lovato

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This morning I went to a local high school to talk to teens about mental health. I’m a speaker for “Ending the Silence,” an in-school presentation created by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Today I spoke to incoming freshmen, who were taking a summer school health class.

When I got home this afternoon, my husband asked if I’d heard the news about Demi Lovato being hospitalized for a drug overdose. I hadn’t. I was shocked and saddened. I thought about how I had just talked about Demi to the kids watching my NAMI presentation.

During the program, I talk about how anyone can be affected by mental illness. It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you’re a boy or girl, where you live, what your ethnicity is, how much money you have, or how successful you are.

Anyone can be affected. But there is hope for a productive life.

I show a slide of celebrities and famous people who live with mental illness. This is one of my favorite parts of the presentation, because the kids know who many of these people are and can relate.

One of the stars the students always know of is singer Demi Lovato, and today’s class was no exception.

I mentioned that Demi lives with bipolar disorder, yet despite her challenges, she’s able to function and have an extremely successful career. Demi has battled addiction, bipolar disorder, and an eating disorder for years.

At this point in my talk, I usually catch myself when I start to tell the students that it’s inspiring because these famous people who live with a mental illness lead successful and happy lives.

The part I catch myself on is the word happy.

Because I truly don’t know how happy they are. I hope they are, but the point is that they live with mental health conditions. They struggle and suffer. Achieving fame and wealth does not mean they’re happy. They’re human.

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A couple of weeks ago, I heard Demi’s new song called “Sober.” Her lyrics are sad, talking about how she has relapsed. When I heard it and saw the video, I was worried for her. My thoughts and prayers go out to Demi and her family. I sincerely hope she finds inner peace and recovers.

Momma, I’m so sorry I’m not sober anymore
And daddy, please forgive me for the drinks spilled on the floor
To the ones who never left me
We’ve been down this road before
I’m so sorry, I’m not sober anymore
I’m not sober anymore
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29 thoughts on “On My Mind: Demi Lovato

  1. It’s so true. We really have no idea what’s going on in someone’s world, and this goes for the famous too. There’s no room for judgement because we all suffer and hide the not so happy aspects of ourselves. I hope that Demi is coping okay. Good on you Jenny for the work you do and the encouragement you give. xx

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  2. Thank you for the work you do with kids. They need this information and you may be the only one they hear if from. It’s such a sad situation for Demi. Like you said, you can’t think oh she has it all. She has so much that we know nothing about. I wish her peace and health. 🙏🏼

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    • Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate that so much. I love talking to the kids and I never know who I might reach, I don’t know who may be struggling and needs to hear it. I know, very sad about Demi. Thanks again!💜

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  3. Wonderful post. I agree with you. Success does not equate happiness. What is success? I believe a successful life is one filled with love and happiness. Money has nothing to do with it. Money makes life easier because we need to buy necessities but it does not make one have inner happiness and peace. I am happy you are giving presentations. Good for you. They sound like they are very well done. Congratulations on your success with that. Thanks again for the great post. I pray Demi will get well. She is a great role model as I love her honesty about mental health. Addiction is a mental illness. Much love and hugs, Sue

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    • Sue, I believe the same way as you regarding what qualifies as success. Money can’t buy health, love, and joy in someone’s life. And yes, Demi is a great role model and a strong woman… she’s so outspoken about her mental health struggles and uses her platform to speak out, letting people know it’s okay to not be okay. I pray that she gets the help she needs… I’ve heard on social media that she feels like she’s letting everyone down (fans included) because of her relapse. That’s SO much pressure. She’s showing she’s human, and that we all have setbacks. Thank you for your kind words, and thanks for reading! Hugs, Jenny xx

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  4. Yesterday it was released as a heroin overdose, and now her family is saying it isn’t. I’m really hoping it isn’t.

    The comments on my local news sites are horrible, with people declaring “Karma will get you” and “I have no sympathy for druggies.” Until you’ve walked where she’s walked and faced those demons yourself, you’ll never understand why people do what they do.

    One of my favorite authors is Jenny Lawson, who writes about her struggles with mental illness. Her second memoir, “Furiously Happy,” is entitled as such because she wants to show her various mental illnesses that she IS furiously happy and will not allow them to drag her down. She’s also known as The Bloggess, and you can find her on her website of the same name.

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    • Those comments are terrible!!! Unbelievable that someone would say that, and on the news?! They have no idea what she’s going through. Thanks for the tip on Jenny Lawson! I’ve heard of her books, I’ll have to get them. Just took a look at her blog and followed. Love her honesty! Thank you!

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  6. This is such a beautiful post and so true ❤ I also just wrote a blog post about her. I think we all just asume so automatically that a famous person must be happy because of the fame and money. The truth is they are human like us and suffer also and maybe even have to suffer more in silence because they are famous. It’s a hard life too. I hope Demi will recover well. I love her so much. She’s such a rolemodel for me and so many others. Her music is beautiful.

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  7. I knew she was not right. I saw the signs, out at strip clubs, drink in hand photo shopped out, cancelling shows. I was not surprised, but it hit me hard. She worked so hard, but she was tired of all the pressure of staying sober and it felt like she was being strangled. I don’t know how she can be sober in that life. Her mom said she has 90 days of sobriety. And Selena is in a psychiatric facility and there’s no word on how she’s doing. I saw her warning signs too. I hope they can get back to recovery.

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    • I sure hope so too. Even though I’d miss their music, I wish they’d move to a small, peaceful town somewhere, away from their biz and bad influences, and live a quiet, happy life. Tough business and world they live in, trying to keep up. It must be exhausting.

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      • Demi is out of rehab and dating a former addict! This is not going to go anywhere good. There are pics of them holding hands and hanging out as soon as she left rehab. He’s sober, but still dating might not be a good idea right now. It must be very hard, especially for someone with mental illness and addiction to stay sober and healthy. She was trying so hard for years with working out, meetings, helping others, but she just got tired of trying, which I can get. I remember she said she felt so free during the tour and she was so happy. She then overdosed a week or two later. Ok I know way too much about celebrities; it’s my thing. lol

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      • Lol, you’re my go-to person when I want to know about singers/celebs! Thanks for the update. I follow her on Instagram and saw the pic of her voting. I thought about your comment and was worried for her. Not good. But hopefully she’ll stay sober and be well.

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  8. Did you see her jerk drug dealer do a video saying they were freebasing oxy? That was one of her drugs she was addicted to and it had fentanyl on it, which is a killer. I actually saw a drug dealer, face covered on tv show how he makes his heroin packs with a tiny drop of fentaynl and he said he would never touch that stuff!

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  9. This is so sad that Once she was so sober and to the ‘almost death’ incident. As a Demi Lovato supporter it cringes my heart to get to know that she has been in the rehab for 90 days but it pushes me up as the experience has apparently changed her life. I look forward to seeing Demi the way she was before; A Joyous Soul.
    In the support of Demi Lovato, I as a fan have mentioned my opinion and how I feel she can easily get out of this trauma zone. I would absolutely love to know your thoughts.
    Do drop by at http://thesoultalks10.com/demi-lovato-is-sober-and-shes-back-to-life/ as Demi needs our support.

    Love XOXO.

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