Up, Up, and Away

Of all the books in the world,

I’m super excited because later this week, my husband, two daughters, and I are heading out to explore parts of the world we’ve never seen before. We’ll be visiting several European countries.

I feel blessed, and can’t wait to immerse myself in these other cultures. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and tasting each country’s delicious cuisine.

As happy as I am, this trip has been overwhelming to plan, and for the past few months, I’ve been nervous and anxious about so many things. It’s stressful for me to be thousands of miles away from friends and family, our business, and well… the familiar.

But when I sit on the plane, I’ll take a deep breath, knowing we’ve taken care of as much as we could, and it’ll all be fine. I’m going to be mindful and treasure every minute, because I know this grand adventure will pass much too quickly.

These upcoming experiences will become a part of me, and a part of our family. Special memories that will enrich our lives forever.

I can’t wait to share my travel stories with you, when I return in a few weeks.

Take care!


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20 thoughts on “Up, Up, and Away

    • Thanks, and that is what I’ll do! I was reminding myself of that yesterday, that I can’t keep stressing, what’s done is done, and now I need to simply enjoy the adventure! (even though I’m still a little nervous) πŸ™‚


  1. That is Awesome!! I love to travel and wish I could do it more. We went to Europe as a family 4 years ago and it was the trip of a lifetime, so many new things to experience! ENJOY!! Yes, take that deep breath and embrace! Where in Europe are you going? We went to Venice, Italy Paris, France and Switzerland. Italy was my absolute favorite place but they all had a magical charm to them. If you go to Paris, try to make sure you visit the Louvre. That was our favorite place in Paris. The courtyard was just so cool to sit in. Oh I could go on and on! πŸ™‚ You gotta have a gelato in Italy, it is scrumptious. The gelato’s here don’t compare.

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    • Thanks, and I loved reading your fun comment! Made me even more excited! We’re going to Germany (Oktoberfest!), Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Paris… we’ve been to Italy (Venice, Rome, and Florence) and LOVED it! And yes, the gelato is amazing!! My husband and I have been to Paris. That’s the only place on our itinerary where we’ve already been. We can’t wait to relax in some cafes… last time we went we were rushing around like crazy trying to see all the sights. I do want to go back to the Louvre, I loved it and it was way too big to see it all. Thanks again xox


  2. Hi Jenny! I hope you had a wonderful time. It is so great to experience new things. And kudos to you and your piece being awarded and thank you for all your hard work advocating for mental illness. My daughter just started college 4 and half hours away. She’s struggling emotionally and I worry about her. She didn’t tell us that during the first few weeks of school she went to the clinic because her stomach hurt and she was crying. They got her an emergency therapy appointment and kept crying. They kept asking her why she was crying and she kept saying I don’t know. Then she said I’m upset now because I am missing class. They set up another appointment for an hour; she cancelled it. She told me this when she came home for the October break, the night before she was going back, and I mean literally in the dark in her room at bedtime. I told her to go back to therapy, but she doesn’t want to. Then she told me she has been crying in her classes. Being here and her being there is so hard because I’m afraid she won’t reach out. We text sometimes and I told her I’m going to call her and check in with her. So I did last week and she said I don’t want to do this. I said well that’s not ok. Do you want daddy and I to just forget about how you are doing and not check in with you. I said you don’t have to like it but it will be happening. 30 percent of the school goes to counseling. They have 7 people on staff. My question is why are so many kids in crisis? Why not look at that instead of just hiring more counselors? I know you have gone through this with your daughter; any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Jenny! πŸ™‚

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    • Hi Traci, it’s great to hear from you, but I’m so sorry about what’s going on with your daughter. I know, as a mom, how hard it is to worry so much, especially if our kids don’t want to or have a hard time opening up to us. I don’t remember if your daughter has been diagnosed with a mental health issue? Has she had depression and/or anxiety/panic attacks? I wish I could offer you some great or really helpful advice. Since I’m not a doctor of any sort, all I can offer is from a mom’s point of view. Some teens have such a hard time their first year of college… it’s a very hard adjustment. It might be a mix of things… from her classes, to friends, to finding her way around, to the new town, to doing her own laundry/being responsible for her own food, etc. It’s all difficult. And maybe she can’t pinpoint what’s wrong. OR maybe she knows and is embarrassed to say. I’m glad she told you (even though it was last minute, the night before she left). But by her saying something, I think she wants you to know that she’s struggling. It’s that hard thing with that age… they want their parent’s help, but think they should be able to handle things on their own, because they’re “adults.” But of course they still need our help/input/advice. My daughter was much younger than yours when she was really struggling with panic attacks. But, from having two daughters who have been through college, I know how hard it can be, especially that first year. Does she answer your texts? Many colleges have group therapy sessions… maybe she’d rather do that, be with other students in counseling? Those are awful numbers (but not sure how large the college is), 30% go to counseling, with only 7 staff members. I wish I had the answers to your questions, I don’t. But I do think there’s SO much pressure put on kids to succeed (and they put it on themselves, desperately wanting to “keep up” with their peers). Social media doesn’t help. I truly hope your daughter doesn’t shut you off. As moms, we worry so much and need to know how our kids are doing. Sorry that my comments are all over the place. Again, sorry you’re going through this. Would your daughter be open to you visiting her college town one weekend? That way, you could see the environment, and maybe she’s open up more as she shows you around. Just throwing ideas out there! Take care, Traci. If you want, feel free to email me at jennymarie400@gmail.com. Hope you have a good week ahead, Jenny xx

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      • Thanks so much Jenny. Yes she has anxiety. She had a panic attack junior year about a specific class. The college has 2,500 kids. So 30 percent of them go to counseling. I appreciate your advice. I did go for family weekend. We had a great time. She does text back and calls when I call, but doesn’t have much to say. She’s doing homework on the weekends at night. She’s very academic. Her roommate is never there. They coexist. She made a good friend down the hall and they have meals together, so I was happy to hear that. Thanks again Jenny. Hope your girls are doing well! XO

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    • Just thought of one more thing, Traci…. I wonder if your daughter’s college has NAMI on Campus or Active Minds. Both are peer-led mental health clubs. Maybe she’d feel more comfortable talking to her peers (at least until she wants to see a counselor). Just an idea….

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