Digging Deeper Into Gratitude

Recently I was asked to contemplate this: You’re grateful for much in your life. But WHY are you grateful?

It sounds so simple. My life is blessed and I don’t let a day go by without thinking of the people and experiences I’m thankful for. There are tons of things I’m grateful for, both big and small. I think of myself as “great at gratitude.”

Then why was this question such an eye-opener for me?

During an amazing course I took on mental well-being through mindfulness and creativity–called Emerge–the inspirational instructors, Tracey Yokas and Faithe Raphael, posed this affirmation for us to complete:

I’m grateful BECAUSE…

First, I thought about what I’m grateful for. At the top of my list–my family and friends. But Faithe and Tracey suggested we dig deeper, to not use those “usual” things we might think of first.

At the time of this particular Emerge class which I was loving (who knew Zoom could be so much fun and enriching?), I had just finished two summer online conferences, one for NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and the other for SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators). I enjoyed both of them and was grateful I had the chance to attend.

I wrote in my journal: I’m grateful for the conferences and classes BECAUSE…

At first I was like, well… because they’re fun? No, Jeni, dig deeper.

Okay… BECAUSE… I’m educating myself about three things in my life that are super important to me–mental health awareness, writing for children, and self care. Also, I’m meeting, networking, and connecting with like-minded people, which makes me feel less alone in my mental health advocacy, my writing, and my quest for improving my own mental health. All of this is helping to mold me into a better version of myself.

I loved this new way of thinking about gratitude. It felt challenging to go that extra step of WHY I’m grateful.

Here’s another example: I’m grateful for the ocean. Not just because it’s pretty and a fun place to be. I’m grateful for the ocean BECAUSE…

The ocean soothes me. I feel a sense of calm there that I don’t feel anywhere else. The sound of waves crashing, the smell of salt water and suntan lotion, long walks along the shore, sand squishing between my toes. I watch the water bob up and down, as white bubble bath foam washes up on the sand. I take deep, cleansing breaths of fresh ocean air and daydream. Ahh. The best.

I tried this with other things I love… my husband and daughters, my favorite flowers in our garden, our one-year-old pup Duke. It was fun to dig deeper and bring out the reasons I’m filled with so much gratitude that each are in my life.

I challenge you to give it a try! Think of one person, animal, flower, event (or anything else) you’re grateful for.

Then answer: I’m grateful BECAUSE…

(For more information on Emerge, a course to improve mental well-being through mindfulness, writing, and collaging, please click here)

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