A Moment in Time

maui sunset

This weekend my husband and I are helping our oldest daughter, Mackenzie, move to a new apartment in the city. She’s been living on her own for a year, but I still marvel at how grown up she is at twenty two. Talee is driving up to college this weekend to move furniture into her new house (but will be back home for another month before classes begin). She’ll be starting her third year at the university.

My little girls are now adults, and getting more independent every day. Sometimes this causes me anxiety, unable to grasp how and why life goes by so fast — sometimes at turbulent speeds. I can’t stop it and I can’t catch up.

I’ve been reflecting on some special memories. Moments in my life when I clearly remember thinking, I will never, ever forget this, and I wish I could bottle this memory up and relive it again and again.

The most amazing, peaceful, spiritual moment happened when Mackenzie was seven years old and Talee was five. We were vacationing in Hawaii, on the beautiful island of Maui.

The resort where we stayed had hula lessons every evening, after sunset. One night we were dressed up to go out to dinner. We went downstairs and walked near the hotel lobby.  The warm, tropical breeze felt like velvet on my skin. The night air smelled like rain. It was heavenly to breathe it in.

Just past the lobby was a Hawaiian band; a trio, with one man strumming a ukulele, another man singing, and a hula dancer. Her grass skirt swished as she softly swung her hips from side to side.  Her arms and hands flowed gracefully, like a ballerina’s.

We sat down to watch. There was no one else around. We were being entertained at a private show. Just the four of us. My lovely family.

Mackenzie and Talee were a bit shy, but wanted to learn how to hula. They timidly walked up to the pretty dancer with long, thick, black hair. She smiled and waved them closer.

It was fun to watch our daughters, as they made their first attempt at performing the hula. They moved their arms and little girl hips, trying to imitate the experienced dancer. The sky was black, and a pelting rain fell in the background of the makeshift stage. I snuggled close to my husband and a warmth came over me that’s hard to describe.

Complete serenity. Safety. Love. Total relaxation. No worries. No anxiety.

The four of us, together, at that time, at that place. It brought tears to my eyes because I knew I’d never have that exact moment ever again. I cherished it and wrapped it up around my heart.

I’ve had other “moments” since then. Like when my mom and I went out to breakfast a few years ago. She was waiting for me, sitting at the table for two. The morning sun filtered through the window, softly shining on my mom. She looked vibrant, and so pretty in her sweater and scarf. I will never forget the smile on her face when she saw me.

Another special family moment happened about ten years ago. My husband and I were  hosting Thanksgiving dinner. Our large family was sitting down at our long dining room table.

Everyone was talking, laughing, and passing the delicious food. I looked around at each person. We’re all here. One day that will change. But right now, we’re all here.  I took that moment in and soaked it up like a sponge.

I wish I could turn back the clock and relive those beautiful moments. That’s impossible. So I hold onto the fact that they’re stored away, deep inside my soul.

And I’m at peace with the knowledge that many more “moments” are waiting to happen.




20 thoughts on “A Moment in Time

  1. This is so beautiful. This may sound strange, but something about this post helped me really understand being a parent. I worry so much about having kids and go back and forth over the decision to have them. With so little modeling of love, I worry about how I could possibly parent well. But this…this I get. Because I have absolutely felt love in moments like this. And I feel such a strong sense of what *family* means when you create your own and love them wholeheartedly. Thank you for this.

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    • Wow, I love your insight and thoughts about this. It doesn’t sound strange at all, it makes total sense. It’s the unconditional love you have for your kids, or anyone in your life, and those special moments come from this love. Thanks for your comment Andi! Jenny

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  2. What beautiful memories….think of all the ones yet to come….I understand the anxiety of the kids leaving, my baby just turned 28 and married the most wonderful women, they have been lucky to travel the world and have been making special memories of there own to treasure forever….thanks for sharing…I had the same flash at a family meal at my house several years ago, and sure enough we lost my niece that next year to cancer, so that was forever changed…I have learned to enjoy every minute of what’s handed to me….

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    • Yes, me too. I try to be mindful and aware, and enjoy every moment. I’m sorry about your niece. You’re right about our kids growing up and making and having those special moments of their own. Thanks for the comment!

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  3. beautiful those are some great memories. yes life moves fast. i guess for myself i have a reverse effect i am living the dream right now as i have graduated college and nearly written 700 stories on the top of my game. growing up my family environment was nothing but negativity and i don’t have many happy moments from the past but i have them now and make them every day. being diagnosed bipolar and anxiety at 16 left a lot to deal with and the negativity surrounding me never helped. but through 5 episodes in 15 years i still keep coming back to be resilient and get back on course. i had a bad doctor who didn’t treat me well and let me get sick and stay sick i switched to a new great doctor and in a year working with him i’ve made huge progress but i still have a little ways to go. its just been a year since my last episode and sometimes it takes more time to heal from them but i think i have mostly healed and in a good place for me right now.

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    • I’m so glad you found the right doctor who finally helped you! That’s wonderful that you’re feeling so much better. You’ve written 700 stories, wow!! Congrats. Now that you’re in a good place, you can enjoy some beautiful moments, and enjoy life. And I’m really happy for you!

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  4. Your “moments” are so precious and beautiful!! Draw on that to make everyday a precious and beautiful moment and not wait for the next one…I hope your move went well today and that Mackenzie and her BFF are snug as a bug in a rug!!! 🙂 I have posted the Blogger Recognition Award and wanted to once again thank you so much for thinking of me…here’s the link https://onceuponahotflash.wordpress.com/2015/08/15/blogger-recognition-award/

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    • Deb, thanks so much! I agree, there are precious and beautiful moments every single day. Yes, the move went great! Thanks for asking. We’re all super tired. But it was a productive, happy day. Mackenzie and her BFF are glowing, they’re so happy and proud of their new place! I took the cutest picture of them. Mackenzie is holding a cordless drill and her friend is holding kitchen utensils, she was trying to put some kitchen stuff away. I’m going to take a look at your post. And you’re welcome, it’s my pleasure!

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