Just a Thought…

Every little thing's gonna be alright - Bob Marley :) Quote - Inspiring Inspirational Sayings / Quotes / Song Lyrics:

Sometimes we need this reminder.

My sister has had a rough week. She was laid off her job, which she worked at and dedicated herself to for sixteen years. Her emotions range from complete shock and devastation, to worry, sadness, anger, and despair. But there’s also hope and anticipation for good things to come, as she navigates her new journey. She believes there’s something better for her, that God has a plan. My sister’s strength and positive attitude amaze me.

We all have challenges. And sometimes it can be really hard to be positive.

But close your eyes, take a deep breath in, slowly let it out. Think calming, peaceful thoughts. Everything will be alright.

Have a wonderful weekend,



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32 thoughts on “Just a Thought…

  1. I have a sister who’s been through some seriously bad stuff, but she overcame them with her strength and will. She’d probably call it more stubbornness than strength, but I still find find her inspiring.
    Thank you for great reminder!

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  2. I can relate. I was layed off after 13 years and it was a blessing in disguise. There will be positive changes in your sisters life. It was time for her to leave. Perhaps there’s something else she’s been wanting to do but haven’t? Now is the time to follow her dreams.

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  3. The message that you chose is a really great one. I often talk to myself – it’s one of the dialectical skills that I learned from one of my therapists. She practiced identifying different “inner voices” with me. One was a harsh, critical, merciless person (my mother’s voice in my head), another was a real wimp, and then there was this very loving, gentle, compassionate voice. When I use the compassionate voice on myself, I often tell myself, “Darling, every little thing is gonna be all right.” ❀️

    I’m so sorry to hear about your sister. I can’t imagine the roller coaster of emotions that she must be experiencing, but I would think that they must be coming one after another like waves. God does indeed have a plan. He is the one making everything all right. We are powerless, and when left up to our own devices, we often choose things that are not in our best interest in the end, but God loves us more than we even love ourselves, and he always chooses what is really best for us. I am so glad that your sister knows this, because it took me a really long time to figure it out, and I’m still trying to internalize it. I will keep her in my prayers. Sending love to you and her and your family. ❀️❀️❀️

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    • Thank you for all of your positive thoughts and encouragement. It means so much! I love what your compassionate voice says. I hear it with a slightly southern accent πŸ™‚ And so loving, it’s how we often should talk to ourselves. Thank you for your kind words regarding my sister. She definitely is on a roller coaster of emotions. But she’s a strong Christian, and truly believes, and knows, that God is with her every step of the way. And that she’s being shown a different way that she wasn’t expecting to go. I’m sure it’s a blessing in disguise. Thanks again Lulu! xx

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      • You’re welcome! Sometimes it’s those unexpected detours that turn out to be the most wonderful things. Ultimately. Sometimes there’s a lot of heartache and upheavals before we get there, but it’s so encouraging that your sister is able to put it all in God’s hands. It is probably not only a relief for her to be able to do that, but she is showing others (like me) how to trust and have faith, too.

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  4. We’ve all heard that “when God closes a door, He opens a window.” But we’re not always prepared to be thrown out of it like a baby bird! LOL

    Best wishes to her. If she doesn’t have a profile on LinkedIn already, have her set up one – and follow Liz Ryan. She has a different approach to job hunting that is super effective and not nearly as soul-sucking as the usual process.

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